Ceud Mile Failte.

A thousand warm welcomes. I am Jamie and this is my blog. I live in the beautiful city of Perth, Scotland. My views are my own.


World Cup Final

So this is it. After many games, some surprise, three humiliations and a biter we have the two teams in the final: Argentina v Germany. I have Argentina, Chris has Germany. Game. On. Read more →


Hi I’m Paul.

Do you know what I really hate about customer service centres these days? Even though we all know they are outsourced to places like India and such, the companies seems to think that telling the workers to give an English name will somehow change that. I was just on the phone to EE to get a PAC code and this… Read more →

The Armstrong Lie

Just got done watching a very good documentary on Channel 4 about Lance Armstrong and his very public downfall. The lengths the guy went to, and the people he tried to destroy, to cover up his doping was incredible. He then tried to use the excuse of “well everyone else was doing it too” to make it seem acceptable. Worst… Read more →

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The Normal Heart

Do you have two hours to spare and want to be emotionally devastated? Find a copy of Ryan Murphy’s The Normal Heart, grab some popcorn and prepare your heart. The Normal Heart is an HBO tv movie about a gay rights activist at the outbreak of the AIDS epidemic in 1981. As I wasn’t born in 1981 I didn’t have… Read more →


And now for something completely different.

Today I finished reading Kingdom by Robyn Young and what a fantastic read it was. The conclusion of a trilogy charting the rise to power of Robert Bruce. Obviously it is historical fiction but a lot of the facts are true and it was cool to learn more about my country’s history. My next book is a book about Hitler.… Read more →

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In London For Medical Reasons

I’ve known all along that I needed to get a medical for the green card procedure and that I needed to go to an authorised medical facility. What I didn’t know is that there is only ONE medical facility that is authorised to do visa related medicals in the whole of the United Kingdom. And surprise, surprise it’s in London!… Read more →


Luis Suarez has been banned from football for four months and will miss the rest of the World Cup for the biting incident in Tuesday’s game against Italy. Quite right.