The Points and Miles Game

Jamie and I started playing the credit card points and miles game back in September of last year. Since then, we have earned the following:

Chase Ultimate Rewards – 143,544 points = $2,870.88
AmEx Membership Rewards – 165,098 points = $3,301.96
Citi Thank you Rewards – 53,557 points = $910.47
American Airlines – 60,424 miles = $845.94
Delta Airlines – 59,949 + 1x/yr companion pass = $719.39
United Airlines – 45,507 miles = $591.59
Southwest Airlines – 40,176 + companion pass for all of 2019 = $602.64
Hilton Hotels – 182,572 points = $1095.43
Marriott Hotels – 81,028 points = $648.22

***Valuations are based on the conservative estimates by The Points Guy

That means that in 9 months, we have earned an estimated $11,582.52 in travel rewards. Our credit card annual fees were $2534 meaning we netted $9052.52 worth of travel (not including the companion passes which save us hundreds more or the travel credits offered by many of the premium cards!). I haven’t carried a balance on any of the cards, so we haven’t paid any interest in order to get these bonuses.

I wasn’t actually sure we’d be successful at this but today I’m feeling very accomplished! 🙂



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