Travel, travel, travel to Thailand!

We purchased our flights to Thailand for $423 round trip and unfortunately one of the factors in them being so cheap was that they were out of Vancouver airport, which is about 2.5 hours away from us. So on Friday we set off from Seattle to drive to Vancouver. After we parked and took the train over, we checked in and dropped our bags off, headed through security and straight into a lounge. I went to my first ever airport lounge only last year when we were flying to Paris, and honestly I can’t imagine not going to them now. It sounds so snobby but honestly they make traveling so much nicer! Plus they basically pay for themselves in free drinks and food so if you are interested, you should watch out for a post on credit cards soon!

Too soon it was time to board our 12 hour flight to Shanghai. I’ve been dreading this flight for months because normally I can’t sleep on planes. This one I managed to doze a bunch and so while it wasn’t enjoyable, it also wasn’t terrible either. Once we touched down in Shanghai, we headed to what may be the worst lounge we’ve been to before boarding our final 4 hour flight to Bangkok.

By the time we touched down in Bangkok Jamie had a banging headache, probably due to dehydration but also maybe to how bright the cloud were when flying the 4 hours to Bangkok. We jumped into a Grab to our hotel but when we arrived our room unfortunately wasn’t ready. Thankfully we had access to the Executive Lounge so we were able to go sit up there with the stunning city view and have a drink and something to eat. Once our room was ready we headed there for a couple hours rest before venturing out in to the city for the Night market.

Look for that in the next video!

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