Our First RV trip!

our camper site

On Friday we drove up to Mount Vernon to pick up our RV from Country Motorhomes (link) and Tim drove it back home while I followed behind him in case anything happened. Thankfully we made it home without incident!

After a quick jaunt to Target to get some last minute supplies, we loaded up the RV and then brought Loki in to see how he would do. He was very hesitant at first, mostly due to the stairs. We don’t know why but he hates going down our open basement stairs and I guess that carried over to the rubberized RV steps. But with some coaxing and some treats, he made it in. We all chilled in the RV for a while and then went in to bed. 

Saturday morning we got up, had coffee and some breakfast and then loaded up our food items and Loki and hit the road! We stopped in at Camping World in Fife to get some stuff for the RV but after spending the better part of an hour walking around picking things up we discovered that our Club membership wasn’t active yet and that would’ve saved us over $100 so we left without anything and continued on our way. 

It was about an hour and change from there before we got to Elbe and the drive is pretty picturesque. Last time I came down here the lake was in drought so it was nice to see it back to normal. We parked and set up the RV and activated the generator for the first time. After a couple of false starts (looks like we might need new batteries) we were able to get it started by turning on the RV engine. 

While Tim took a nap (driving such a big rig for the first time in a while was stressful), I read my book (https://www.goodreads.com/user/show/1986935-jamie-mcfarlaneyou can follow me on Goodreads here if you’d like to know what I’m reading) and an hour later we headed out for a walk with Loki. He did really good off leash and never wandered too far away. 

When we got back after our walk we put out the awning and set up our camp chairs and had a well earned drink while just sitting and taking in nature. Unfortunately after a while nature decided it would like to have more of us and the mosquitoes forced us indoors. 

Once we headed to bed, we discovered that Loki REALLY didn’t like not being allowed into bed with us. He’s slept with us in bed his whole life but there just isn’t the room in the bed here plus it’s too high for him to jump up to. So we put the dinette/sofa bed down for him but he just cried and cried so eventually Tim went over and slept on the dinette bed with him. 

When morning came we realized that we hadn’t put the blinds down so it was very bright with morning. We got up around 9am and I made coffee using the moka pot and my milk frother. For a first time they weren’t bad lattes! But I know what to improve on for next time. 

This being the Pacific Northwest it was raining when we woke up and so we hung out in the camper drinking our coffee, we’d put the awning in overnight but forgot to put away our camp chairs so they were wet and stopped up from sitting outside to enjoy nature as we drank our coffee. 

After another quick walk with Loki, we decided to head home since it looked like rain for the rest of the day. As first trips go, it was pretty unadventurous but it let us get a feel for things in a familiar space before heading out into the wild!

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