Oregon Weekend: Part One

For our first big camper trip we opted to drive 450 miles to Crater Lake, go big or go home right? We set out and drove the whole way there in one day which we learned was probably a little farther than we’d like to do in one day. We stopped at a bunch of rest stops along the way on I-5 to determine what capabilities each had for the future, as well as fill up on fresh water. Yes we are the nerds that have a Google Maps list of places to fill up and dump.

Our campsite for the night was a spot called Annie Creek Snow Park. It’s essentially a large parking lot, though there is also a lower area that has tent camping spots. It’s free to camp during the summer but during the winter you need a permit. It doesn’t have any electricity hookups* or water but it’s free so if your rig is self contained you really can’t do better than a free camp spot less than 10 minutes from the park!

*there are outlets in the shelter but I believe they are only for household devices like phone chargers etc

Once we had picked our spot and settled in, we cooked a light dinner of pasta and meatballs before taking Loki for a walk through the area to check it out. When we go back to the camper we put our our deck chairs and had a couple drinks and waited for the stars to come out, and boy did they!

Check out the video below to see our day!

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