Oregon Weekend: Part Three

For our final stop on the Oregon weekend we packed up and left Annie Creek to drive out to Highway 101 and up the Oregon Coast to Thor’s Well. The biker that we charged the battery for told us to take the route through Umpqua National Forest so we did and it was beautiful! It was very curvy but the route was beautiful.

After stopping at a McDonalds on the side of the road and filling up on gas we headed out to the coast. I’ve heard from many people how beautiful the coastline is but they didn’t do it justice. The views you get just from driving on the road are amazing. We pulled into a layby and walked down to the beach to let Loki play in the sea and he had a blast!

One of the weirder phenomenons of the coast is the changing weather. It goes from sunny to cloudy to sunny so quickly that it’s almost unreal. It was also reeeeeaaallllly windy. After driving up to Thor’s Well and discovering that we’d missed high tide we decided to spend the night and go back in the morning. We looked around at all the campgrounds but they were either full or closed and se we eventually resorted to sleeping in a casino parking lot, with their permission of course!

We looked on Campendium and the casino was the only free camping around and so we headed there and clearly it’s a popular spot because there must’ve been 30-40 RV’s there. So it wasn’t the most glamorous but it was free and surprisingly quiet.

In the morning we headed back up to Thor’s Well and wandered around a bit more before going to see the spout in action. It got pretty busy the closer to high tide so we headed back to the RV and set off for home, which after six hours and many traffic jams later we were!

Check out the video below to see Thor’s Well in its natural beauty!

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