Driving to Utah

To start our 4500 mile roadtrip to Utah & California, we had to first get to Utah from Seattle, Washington. This involved two long days of driving almost 8 hours each day.

Day one we made it to La Grande, Oregon where we spent the night at Fox Hill Campground, a dispersed campground within the Mount Emily Recreation Area. Apart from one other site, we were the only people there so it was pretty peaceful. The views from the campground were impressive although getting there can be a bit stress inducing. To get to the campground you see, you have to go up a 17% grade gravel road. We managed it in our 23 foot RV and we read online that people had made it up in 30 foot rigs but it’s something to be aware of.

After getting settled in we took the oportunity to fly our new Skydio drone which was great for getting aerial views of the valley below. In the morning I flew it again and managed to spot a herd of deer running across the road which was neat.

Our second day we drove to Buhl, Idaho to stay at a Harvest Host called Snyder Winery. The camping area was just a gravel parking lot but it was flat and there was plenty of space between us and the only other rig there so we had another peaceful night. It was a clear night so we even managed to see some stars, although the winery had some floodlights on all night which unfortunately drowned them out a bit.

Driving To Utah

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