Arches National Park

After spending a day relaxing at our campsite on BLM Road 141, we woke up early and headed out before sunrise to Arches National Park. Our first park of the trip was the one we perhaps knew the most about and it lived up to its hype. We headed out early, before the sun had even risen and drove into the park to Panorama Point to watch the sunrise. We expected it to be busy but were surprised to find only one other car there. We later learned that most people headed to delicate arch for the sunrise but we liked the view we got from Panorama Point.

After watching sunrise and making some coffee, we headed to delicate arch and hiked up to the lower viewpoint to see the arch from a distance. From there we headed to Fiery Furnace but were unable to go down into the canyons because they were closed due to COVID. Our last stop before lunch was sandstone arch where we had the delight of seeing a mother and father directing their children through a photo session with their phones and taking up space everywhere they went. If you go to a national park, don’t be those people.

We stopped for lunch in the RV and then headed out on a short hike to landscape arch which looked like it was going to break at any moment but I’m sure will be around for many, many years to come. On this hike we got to see some adorable local wildlife in the form of little chipmunks that evidently get fed by people so they’re quite tame.

After one last stop at balanced rock and the windows we stopped at the gift store and got ourselves a map and some stickers before heading back to our campsite at BLM Road 141.

Check out our video of the day below!

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