Canyonlands National Park

We had a great time in Arches National Park, so when we got up to go to Canyonlands I wasn’t expecting much. This wasn’t for any specific reason, I just didn’t know much about Canyonlands so I had no expectations. Even if I had gone in with high expectations I think Canyonlands would’ve exceeded them.

We opted not to get up so early for Canyonlands but did arrive not long after sunrise so our first views of the park were in beautiful soft light and straight off the bat the park was blowing us away with it’s views. There’s only one road through Canyonlands so we just drove down it stopping at viewpoints along the way, consitsently getting our minds blown by the views of the canyons.

At the end of the road you come to Grand View which is exactly as the name suggests. There is a hike at this viewpoint called Rim View Hike and it goes out along the rim of the cliff. Jamie managed to make it all the way but Tim got too stressed out by the heights involved not long into the hike. It’s probably good he stopped so early because the end of the hike was anxiety inducing for Jamie who doesn’t have a fear of heights. The drop from the cliff must be over 2000 feet and there are no rails or nets or any kind of safety things. You don’t get many places like that in America anymore.

After getting back to the RV and hydrating we had some lunch and then headed back down the road and along the offshoot road that goes to Upheaval Dome. We went on another short hike here to the first viewpoint which is about a mile uphill to stunning views of the crater whose cause is disputed. Some say meteor, some say shifting earth.

From there we headed out of the park and drove to Moab itself for the first time. We had intended on just grabbing something to eat and then driving on but we found a cute food truck park and ended up eating there and then walking around the town for a couple of hours and then grabbing dinner as well.

Check out of video below!

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